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Our Story.

We are Tim and Hannah- young farmers based in the beautiful Yarramalong Valley on the NSW Central Coast. We are passionate about growing and producing food in a regenerative way - leaving every paddock in a healthier state than when we stepped foot (or hoof!) onto it.  The cattle, sheep and chooks are free to roam on lush, green pasture 24/7. The pasture is full of variety including nutritious grasses & legumes such as millet, lucerne & clover.
We let our animals do a lot of the farming for us and utilise their natural instincts and processes to help us improve our soil.

Healthy soil is everything.
We know that healthy soil is the key to healthier and more nourishing produce & nutrient dense pasture for our grass fed animals & produce. We utilise our animal's natural manure to boost the organic matter in our soil, which in turn means that the nutrients in the soil are able to be absorbed easily into the roots of the pasture and vegetables.
Nutrient & organic matter dense soil also means that the ground utilises and holds moisture, so as we go through drier periods, our soil is better equipped to cope. 
We use a strip grazing method, which means that the animals are moved onto fresh pasture every couple of days. This allows the pasture to recoup, regenerate for a minimum of 150 days and make the most of the nutrients that the animals have left through their manure.
Healing the air.
We also plant legumes, which capture the nitrogen in the air and make it available in the soil through their root nodules. These legumes are also a tasty treat for our grass fed animals!
Animal welfare.

Animal welfare is our absolute top priority- The animals are given the  respect they deserve throughout their entire lives. We also ensure that nothing goes to waste - all 'off cuts' (sometimes the most nourishing cuts) are all lovingly used.

Be part of our regenerative food journey.


We want YOU to come and see, taste and connect with where your food comes from, ask questions and get transparent answers and have the chance to personally certify our farm.


Come and join us and be part of The Food Farm family

-Hannah & Tim



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